If you're seeking medical care
for digestive issues, our
Gastroenterologist at Vavilova
Medical Center
specializes in diagnosing and
treating disorders related to
the gastrointestinal tract.
Dr. Demetrios Demetriou

Dr. Demetrios Demetriou received his medical degree (MD) from the Russian State Medical University of Moscow in 2003 with Cum Laude. He then moved to Sweden where he completed his two residency trainings in Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology/Hepatology respectively at the University Hospital of Orebro (USÖ). Doctor Demetrios Demetriou trained in Hepatology at the University Hospital in Karolinska, Stockholm.
Doctor Demetrios Demetriou relocated to Cyprus in 2017 and has been practicing private practice since then.
He is a member of the Pancyprian Medical Association, the Swedish National Health and Welfare Council, and the Cyprus and Swedish Gastroenterological Society.

Dr. Demetriou is providing his services in
Russian, Greek, English and Swedish languages.
Dr. Demetrios Demetriou Gastroenterologist
Dr. Demetrios Demetriou

When to see a doctor?

Chronic abdominal pain or discomfort

If you frequently experience pain, discomfort, bloating, or other unpleasant sensations in the abdominal area, it could be a sign of issues with the stomach, intestines, or other digestive organs.

Changes in bowel habits

Any changes in the frequency, consistency, or color of stool, such as diarrhea, constipation, blood in stool, or black stools, could indicate digestive disorders or other intestinal conditions.

Reflux or heartburn

If you often experience heartburn or reflux, especially after meals, it may indicate gastrointestinal issues.

Loss of appetite or aversion to eating

If you experience a loss of appetite or prolonged periods of not wanting to eat without clear reasons, it could be a sign of various digestive problems.

Unexplained weight loss

If you're losing weight without dieting or physical activity, it could be a sign of digestive issues.

Jaundice or changes in skin color

If your skin or the whites of your eyes begin to take on a yellowish hue, it could be a sign of liver, gallbladder, or bile duct issues.
Diagnosed food allergies or intolerances
If you have diagnosed food allergies or intolerances that may cause digestive issues, a gastroenterologist can help manage your condition and develop a plan of action.